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Earl Strickland

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Earl is considered one of the greatest players of all times, but his mental state and actions have been questionable the past few years.  He still plays at a very high level though, and this year he has been playing good, and winning many of the tournaments he entered.

In his better years, he was known as “Earl The Pearl” but in the past couple of years an increasing number of people have been calling him “Earl The Squirrel“.
As one person said:  “He’s as crazy as a sprayed roach

He tries all types of accessories and gimmicks in a quest to improve his game.  Body weights and an extra long and heavy cue are a couple of examples.

This has led to a lot of jokes and comments about him and the video below is an example with Joe Rogan doing a parody of Earl being interviewed.

An Interview With Earl Strickland
               “Pool is a beautiful game, played by ugly people” – Joe Rogan as Earl Strickland.

WARNINGThe video below contains strong language.
If you’re offended by use oi the F word, don’t play this video.