Remote Assistance

One of the activities I do frequently is working on computers for other people.  Most of the work involves removing virus and malware infections, and tuning their PCs to run faster.

The video below shows how I remove most malware.

In almost all cases I can do the work over the internet from my shop.  This is an advantage for the customer and me.  It doesn’t require a house call, so they don’t have to be at their computer when the work is done, and it saves me time and travel expense.  This results in a lower cost to the customer.

To work from a remote location, I use various programs that allow me to connect to and operate another computer over  the internet as if i was sitting at the remote computer.

This makes it a lot more convenient, and in most cases faster, than dropping it off at a shop to be worked on.  Of course, some problems still require work to be done in person, such as replacing parts, or troubleshooting mechanical or electrical problems, but as I stated earlier, most of the work I do can be done remotely.